During my own high school days, there were teachers who seemed to assign tons of homework. Seemed like piles and piles of homework, and for what? Was it just to irritate us? Was it to get back at us for being unruly during class? Maybe when I was in school, I thought that. However, looking back it was to help us master the subjects, it was to challenge us, and give us that extra boost on weak topics, to make us work for our grades. Without those teachers who assigned tons of homework, where would we all be? Thinking things should just come easy to us. We should just finish our work in school, have the rest of the day to play, and bring home an A+ report card.

Homework helps us prepare for the future. It makes us take our projects and work on them in a designated time line. Deadlines occur in all of life, why should school be the exception? Learning time management and being rewarded for our efforts, that is homework.

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